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Jen Trulson is truly one of the greatest gifts, blessings, and angels to have ever entered my life!! From our first conversation Jen touched my heart & soul, and she continues to do so every time we speak. She can say one word that just changes everything in how I\'m thinking or looking at a situation. Talk about Aha Moments!! I have them all the time with Jen! Jen is a beautiful person inside and out. Never judging always encouraging. She is understanding, compassionate, honest, fun, an amazing listener, makes you look within to only realize you had the answers the whole time. Jen is one super cool chic! You\'ll feel like you\'ve known her your whole life after just one conversation. Jen has absolutely changed my life, and continues to do so every time we chat. I\'m so grateful and thankful to have her with me on this journey called Life...
Nicole, Las Vegas, Nevada

Your class last fall gave me the inspiration to sign up for the novice sailing class and it was amazing and very empowering. Just today I got accepted (among competitive applicants) for the next level - the skipper class. It looks very challenging (engine repair??? navigation?? charts tides anchoring ......) but I am excited! Thank-you!!

Jenʼs enthusiastic and compassionate manner allowed me to learn to take a step back and look at a situation where I didn't feel comfortable. Now, I can change the way I feel in a matter of minutes when I use the tools she gave me. Thank you sooo much!
RaeAnn, Boeing

I did attend Jen's teleclass Create a Life You Love and loved it! I'm feeling better already this morning - just with different thoughts! Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me learn how to love my life again!
Amy W.

Jen Trulson is an exceptional life coach - the real deal. Before we even had our first meeting, before we even got started... she had already set me on my way with her understanding, experience and incredible listening skills. Jen provided me with the tools and guidance to find the clarity and answers I needed. Jen's approach will leave you free to explore your thoughts; she is fully engaged in the process but doesn't get in the way. I found it really easy to work with her because she was so empathetic, professional, funny, and non-judgmental. If you have an opportunity to spend time with Jen, you won't regret it! I'm so glad I took the time to work with her.
Melanie S.

Jen Trulson is the Sage of Synchronicities, the Harbinger of Happy, a helluva good friend, and a dandy coach. She completely embraces all the lessons life has to offer and her sweetly congenial nature is exactly that - natural. Sure, she has a bad day sometimes, but she is not a wallower. She oozes authenticity. If you want to learn how to fall in love with yourself and live a life full of pleasure, Jen Trulson's your gal.

I just finished your 30 days of, the last day of 2010. How's that for timing. Thank you for your enthusiastic, joyous presence in the world. I am so happy you show up!

Traditionally speaking, I am not a woo woo girl. I do not read self help books. And I do not think wishing something will make it be. But I want to change my life. I want to be the change I want to see in the world. Jen is guiding me on this path. I have no doubt I would still be staring off into my future yearning for more without her powerful words of wisdom. The peacefulness she exudes washes over the most skeptical of people leaving them wanting just a few more minutes. My time with you, Jen, has been the best learning experience of my life!
Vicki, Bellevue

You were amazing!!!! I was frantically writing it all down. I loved the order of the tools and how it was all organized - and you got me excited to try some of those tools on me again as well as with clients.

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